At Rakta Hot Yoga, we believe in bio-individuality when it comes to wellness. We don’t believe that one approach serves all when it comes to nutrition, diet preferences, and health. We offer a personalized holistic approach to wellness and strive to help clients achieve their wellness goals.
The mission of the wellness team is to combine professional knowledge and individualized advice to help you develop healthy values and lifestyle choices that work for you. We want you to question how your approach to health and wellness is working for you instead of getting hung up on rigid rules. We want you to live a life of adventure, fun, and love rather than shrink your world down to calories burned, grams of carbohydrates consumed, and minutes run on a treadmill.
We want you to feel joy and freedom rather than focus on flaws, to find and develop your strengths and not obsess over your weaknesses.
We strive for alignment of body, mind, spirit, and life for everyone.
We have a variety of wellness services at Rakta Hot Yoga. Massage, Ayurvedic treatments, private yoga/wall yoga, nutrition, and health coaching are available by appointment in our wellness room.
Rakta Hot Yoga hosts free wellness talks by our diverse and knowledgeable wellness staff. Join us for thought provoking discussions as we lead you to discover different aspects of well-being.
To make an appointment in our wellness room, please call or text 970.367.7456.  To schedule a massage with Holly Dickhausen, contact Holly at 970.367.3011.

Check out our workshops: