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21 years ago my (now) sister-in-law Dana took me to my first yoga class in Austin, Texas. “It will be fun!” she blurted.

45 minutes into the 90-minute class, I was flooded with doubt and a little bit of fear. Down dog felt like infinity. Was my blood sugar low? When I shampooed my hair the next day, muscles I’d never noticed before were sore.

Somewhere between the active aching and residual tenderness, I realized I felt great. In my very first yoga class, I struggled and strained and I fell in love with Savasana. I knew I would do yoga again.

More than two decades later, it’s easy to see how much yoga has changed my life. It took just one class and, of course, just one person.

A few years ago, Dana was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent surgery and reconstruction with grace and bravery that humbled me. Unfortunately, she has recently experienced a recurrence and is about to face another battle against cancer, this time with surgery and aggressive chemotherapy.

Now when I do yoga, I dedicate my practice to Dana. I send intentions for healing and health and I send prayers and positivity. I send her as much as I can as often as I can.

For the month of March, I’m encouraging all of us in the Rakta community to dedicate our practice to someone. Live like Sancy, Fight like Charlee, Do it for Drew. You can send strength to someone who needs it and love to someone who has passed. You can encourage someone to be bold or have faith. You can soothe someone’s anxiety or anger. You can send joy. Bring and keep a part of someone else with you as you move on your mat.

On Thursday March 7th, Rakta will be honoring the memory of Drew Rushton. Dedicating our practice to his memory, all classes will be donation based with the donations going to the Steamboat Viking Youth Hockey Team. Wake up and flow, take a sculpt lunch, and get fire hot sweaty after work. Join us all day long. In community, we will love and remember Drew.

Sign up for classes or drop on in! #doitfordrew

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