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Rakta Hot YogaPower Yoga is a vigorous yoga flow combined with body weight exercises. This class combines elements of yoga, barre, pilates, bands, and the yoga wall and is appropriate for all levels as modifications are offered. Bring a mat, towel, and water to class. The room is heated to 94 F.

Rakta Hot YogaThis dynamic class cultivates presence by connecting movement with breath. The class varies with each instructor’s unique sequencing and focus. Expect sun salutations, breathwork, and possible inversions or arm balances. This class builds strength and flexibilty and promotes stress relief. This is an all levels class and modifications are provided. Bring a towel and water. The room is heated to 94 F.
Rakta Hot YogaA series of 26 postures performed in a specific sequence helps rehabilitate the body and clear the mind. The series consists of strengthening, lengthening, and balancing postures as well as two pranyama (breathing) exercises. Although the sequence of postures is consistent, variations are offered to tailor your practice to your body. The room is heated to 104 degrees F. The hot series is not recommended for people who have significant hypertension, are new to altitude, or pregnant.
Rakta Hot YogaA combination of vinyasa flow yoga, weights, body weight exercise, and cardio intervals to ignite your metabolism and build lean muscle mass. This is a challenging all levels class with modifications (or no weights) offered for low impact. The room is heated between 88-92 F with minimal humidity.
Rakta Hot Yoga
Restorative yoga activates the parasympathetic nervous system which helps the body rest, repair, and heal. Often overlooked in an active community, this class offsets rigorous exercise, supports the immune system, and provides stress relief. Blocks, bolsters, blankets, and foam rollers are used to facilitate relaxation and release. This is an all levels class and the room is warm with minimal humidity.
The yoga wall originates in Iyengar yoga lineage. The wall and its components: straps, ropes, and swings are used to align the body, creating a different opening and experience than yoga in the middle of a room. The wall allows exploration of gentle and supported inversions and backbends and benefits those with low back pain. This class is for all levels. People with certain medical conditions including glaucoma, hypertension, low blood pressure, vertigo, recent spine, eye or brain surgery should check with your medical provider and discuss with the instructor prior to class. This class is non heated. Bring water and a mat.
This class is ideal for people new to yoga, recovering from an injury, or prefer a non flow class. Class begins with meditation and pranyama (breathwork) and ends with a dedicated five minute savasana. Props and the yoga wall may be used to facilitate alignment. It’s a great class for recovery days or for those preferring a more quiet, introspective, experience.
This 30 minute class cultivates the mind body connection through pranyama (breath work) and a guided meditation. Ideal for anyone new to a meditation practice as well as for those with an established meditation practice.

Buti Flow is a powerful and empowering combination of yoga, conditioning, tribal dance, and primal movements. Buti accesses deep core activation utilizing the spiral  structure technique to stabilize and strengthen the body. This is an all levels class and is non heated. Bring a towel, water, and be open to moving in a different way!

Rakta Hot YogaBarre is a total body workout using light weights and focused, precise movements to sculpt muscles. It incorporates stretching and yoga flow to lengthen muscles and create a lean physique. This class compliments your regular yoga practice while boosting your metabolism and building strength and stability. With upbeat music, this all levels class is great for cross training for both men and women. Bring a towel and water, and be prepared to sweat. The room is not heated.
Rakta Hot YogaThis class uses bands and the yoga wall for resistance exercises. The workout combines strengthening with cardio intervals utilizing bands as resistance and recruiting fast twitch muscles. The class ends with yoga postures using the bands and wall  for alignment. Great cross training for football, soccer, tennis, or any sport requiring explosive starts and fast feet. This is an all levels class and is non heated. Please bring water and clean athletic shoes, preferably court or cross training shoes.
Rakta Hot YogaThis fun, empowering, and energizing class works the entire body. A true “standing Core” workout. Thirty plus minutes of cardio kickboxing, shadow boxing, and cardio intervals followed by barre toning exercises and stretch. Wear clean athletic shoes or opt for bare feet. This class is appropriate for all levels as modifications are offered for a complete low impact class. This class is not heated. Bring a towel and water.